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Terry vs. Technology

by | December 13, 2011 | 2 comments

OK, if you’re reading this, then I won my latest battle with technology.  You see, the way to post to this Hearts Through History blog changed from when I blogged last. 


And if you’ve read my previous blog “I Love/Hate Technology” you know I often have trouble with technical things.  One of my problems is that the instructions for technical devices are written by people who already know how to operate the device.  And therefore their instructions seem to be a little sketchy for us non-technical folk.  (BIG congratulations to who sent our instructions for the new blog – actually understandable to me!)


For example, as an early Christmas present, my husband gave me the new Kindle Fire.  It came in a nice box, with a little card that said – turn on your Kindle, follow the instructions.  Sigh – that’s just not enough for me.  After two days of trying to get it to link to the wireless and register it finally went to the Geek Squad where we found out that all the trouble was because when my husband bought it, he registered it in his name, not mine so it couldn’t find my old Kindle. 


Thanks to the young guy at the Geek Squad who helped me.  This reminds me of another of my technical observations – the youngest person present has the most technical ability.  Twenty years ago my mom and I were visiting her sister.  My aunt has just bought a new-to-her  car that has a cassette tape deck.   So there I am leaning over the front seat showing my mom and aunt how to use the tape deck.  As the youngest person there, I was the technology person.


And while I love technology that lets me write books, and get them out to readers, it’s always a fight when it comes to Terry vs. Technology. 


How do you do with technology?


  1. Paty Jager

    Terry, I’m with you, I am technically challenged and it frustrates the heck out of me to call my daughter for help and she just babbles on and I”m still trying to do task one of what she told me!

    Merry Christmas enjoy the Kindle Fire, I’m still trying to decide what I want to do for an ereader.

  2. Terry Irene Blain

    had to take my Fire to work, and have one of the guys there show me some of the features I hadn’t tries yet.

    Now he’s going to buy a Fire for his two kids (teenagers).



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