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Born Behind the Veil

by | May 3, 2012 | 4 comments

Lord Byron

Lord Byron

Some children are born with a mask, a birth caul, made of a thin membrane that covers their face. While these births are very rare, they do hold special significance. Stories and myths abound about the caul. Many are pure fabrication.

The correct name for children born with a caul is Caulbearer. Because the member looks like a thin veil, people born this way are referred to as being ‘born behind the veil.’

Men or women can be Caulbearers. They come from any social class, race or religious group. These births are not indigenous to any geographical boundaries. There is some indication that caul births tend to run in families. Statistics indicate there may be as few as one caul birth in 80,000 births.

Caulbearers are held in high regard because the time and place of these births can be calculated in
advance. In addition, these people had abilities that were not common to many others. Some of their abilities include finding underground water, knowing when weather patterns will change, and predicting when food supplied will be plentiful.

Many are natural healers and are associated with the laying of hands. Many also have the ability to rule nations, and possess insights which other find difficult to understand. Many cultures consider
Caulbearers to be “Kings by right” because their birth was predicted and they have fine leadership
abilities. These traits are recognized by certain Buddhist groups who seek out Caulbearers to be the
Dalai Lamas.

In ancient times, long before religious priests evolved, Caulbearers were held in high regard for their knowledge in many subjects and became the early priests and teachers. In the Middle Ages Caulbearers
were identified as witches and burned at the stake.

I found an interesting note. The word Caulbearer will not be found in the standard dictionaries. In the
Middle Ages, when the Church eliminated anything they thought sacrilegious, most mention of
Caulbearers was destroyed.

Famous Caulbeareres include: Lord Byron, Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Kahlil
Gibran, Jesus, and Liberace. Fictional People include: David Copperfield, Hamlet, and Danny (Stephen
King’s The Shining)


  1. librarypat

    I had never heard of this before. I checked out more information on the Web and ended up with more questions. Several posts as well as your comment state the births can be predicted. I want to know how. I’ll be doing more research on this topic. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    • Ruth A. Casie

      I’m interested in what you find out. My next story is about a caulbearer. I’d love to hear what you find. You can reach me at Ruth@RuthACasie.com


      … Ruth

  2. Ally Broadfield

    Very interesting. I’d never heard of a caulbearer before.

    • Ruth A. Casie

      Ally, I was surprised when I mentioned caulbearers to a few people. They took me aside to tell me they were born with the veil. Whether they have powers of second site, great healing or birth royalty is another story. Although one friend does call her son “the Prince.” 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,

      … Ruth



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