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Hurricanes: Cori and Sandy

by | November 3, 2012 | 2 comments

Cori & Chris 10-28-12

We started a year ago with high energy and the storm began to build leading up to the grand event. Our daughter’s wedding  was a week ago Sunday.

Monday it was a storm of another kind. Monday we worried about friends and family getting home and being safe. I’m happy to report that all our guests have finally gotten home and the newlyweds have finally left on their honeymoon. Paul and I have moved into the newlywed’s home since they have power-we don’t.

Hurricane Sandy 10-29-12

Sandy was a devastating storm but there have been others. I found a report from Forbes about the five worst hurricanes in the United States.

The hurricane that hit the northeastern United States this week is going to cause problems for weeks and possibly months. But how does Hurricane Sandy compare to the worst storms in American history?

Forbes has put together a list of 10 of the most devastating storms of all time. While non-scientific, the list merely shows the sheer scope of the impact major storms have had.

Here’s a look at five of the worst storms:

  1. 1900 — Galveston: This storm altered the course of Texas history. After suffering 6,000 deaths and more than $100 billion in damages, Houston would replace Galveston as the major port in Texas.
  2. 1960 — Florida Keys: This storm hit the keys, then went through central Florida before heading to the Atlantic only to turn and impact North Carolina as well.
  3. 1969 — New Orleans: This September 1969 storm will never be fully measured as it’s strength destroyed the instruments used to track it.
  4. 1992 — Miami: Hurricane Andrew made landfall in Florida, killing 26 people and damaging more than 100,000 homes.
  5. 2005 — New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and breached the levees that protected the city. 1,800 people died, and the storm did $145 billion in damages.



  1. Angelyn

    Interesting post. There’s been some observations made about how Sandy was very similar to hurricanes that pounded the east coast all throughout the fifties. Was it Hazel that toppled the steeple at the Old North Church, scene of Revere’s famous ride?

    • Ruth A. Casie

      Hi – I remember those hurricanes and snow storms. Your comment about Hurricane Hazel made me do some research. It was Hurricane Carol that took down the Old North Church Steeple. Thanks for stopping by.



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