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A Valentine for You

by | February 3, 2013 | 2 comments

This may be a bit early but today is my day to post  😆

This is a reprise, a Valentine poem I received from my husband but I really love it. I know you will enjoy it too.

Love of the Sweetest Kind

“Here?” she whispered to him sweetly.

“We’re alone,” he said discreetly.

“I’ve been good till now!” she sighed.

“But you’re human!” he replied.

“It’s so big!” she hesitated.

“It’s all yours,” he proudly stated.

“Oh, I shouldn’t!” she protested.

“If you love me!” he suggested.

And so, losing all resistance,

she gave in to his insistence …

Valentine 4







and ate every single chocolate in the box!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


with a special thank you to my special Valentine and Hallmark Cards.


  1. Angelyn

    That’s very nice—“if you love me”–

  2. Ruth A. Casie

    Paul gave me that card three years ago and I still laugh when I read it.

    Happy early Valentine’s Day. <3



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