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Tribute Tuesday

by | January 13, 2015 | 13 comments

Do you have some good news you want to share?  Finished a book? Or even a chapter? Planned out your next book? Doing an interview or guest blog? About to have a book released?  Tell us all your good writing news here (in the comments).

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  1. Anna Kathryn Lanier

    My good news is that I recently got the rights back to three of my short stories, including one of my all time favorite stories. Did you ever have characters who wouldn’t shut up? Well, that’s how it was with these two. They would wake me up in the middle to the night to talk about a scene. I’d have to get up and write it down just so I could get some sleep. And when I finally wrote the story beginning to end, they left me alone. My plan is to edit them and then self-publish, hopefully before the end of Summer.

    • Jennifer Bray-Weber

      Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Anna Kathryn.

    • Jennifer Wenn

      How nice to get the stories back and be able to rework them, especially the favorite. I can hardly wait until I recieve the rights to my first back and I can rewrite the three sneaky errors that I, the editor and the copyeditor missed. LOL.

      • Anna Kathryn Lanier

        Jennifer, I know what you mean. In that favorite story of mine, a historical, the heroine says ‘okay.’ How that word slipped past everyone, I don’t know, except it’s so common place today and they way she said it, “it’s okay for you to feel that way,” is so common, no one remembered the story was set in the 1850’s England.

        Keep an eye on when your contract is up and send in that letter requesting the rights back as soon as you can!

  2. Terry Irene Blain

    Good News! I sold the first of my three Texas Ranger stories set in the 1870s in Texas (well, duh). These stories are of three boyhood friends who went on one of the first cattle drives after the Civil War with a former Ranger as the trail boss. After Reconstruction, the Ranges are re-established, and all three come back to work for their old trail boss who’s now a Ranger Captain. Background of the stories are the coming of barbed wire and cattle rustling and bank robbery.

    • Anna Kathryn Lanier

      Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful series. Be sure and keep us posted on the release dates.

  3. Lezli Horn

    Anna that is indeed fantastic news. I wish you all the best in your republishing plan.

    A question: Do you think that the stories will grow any now that you have left them alone for a bit? And if so do you feel that it will be because you have grown as a writer?


    • Anna Kathryn Lanier

      Lezli, great questions. I do think the stories will grow, because as you said, I have grown as a writer. These stories are 5-6 years old. Also, these are short stories, about 5,000 words, so they may even expand. The one story I’m working on now, I had to skip over a few days with just commentary. I can now expand on those days and have interaction between the couple.

  4. Jennifer Bray-Weber

    Good news to share…hmmm… Well I am making big strides in finishing my next book. And I have set a deadline to finish in 6 weeks. My editor was going to give me 3 months to finish. But since I said it out loud, and she heard it, she’s making me stick to it. Wait…maybe this isn’t good news after all. 😉

    • Anna Kathryn

      You can do it, Jenn!

    • Jennifer Wenn

      Six weeks is plenty of time, you can do it! 😉 But next time, don’t tell the editor about your plans.

  5. Jennifer Wenn

    My good news is that my third novel will be released February 6th! Yay!

  6. Anna Kathryn Lanier

    Jennifer! That’s great.

    Come back and remind us when it has been released!



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