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Saturday’s Snippets – First Paragraphs

by | January 17, 2015 | 4 comments

Share your story with us….historicals only (we are Hearts Through History, after all).

Today, give us your opening paragraph of your WIP, recently published story or one from your backlist.




  1. Ashlyn Macnamara
  2. Ashlyn Macnamara

    Here are the opening lines of WHAT A LADY REQUIRES, which comes out April 1.

    Not for the first time since her aunt and cousin came to stay, Miss Emma Jennings wished she’d been born male. A man wouldn’t have to endure constant twittering over the rules a proper lady should uphold. A man wouldn’t have to tolerate constant reminders to fold his hands just so and to put on a bonnet for goodness’ sake. A man would be permitted to pursue whatever interests he liked.

    • Anna Kathryn Lanier

      Ashlyn, sounds like a promising story….certainly makes you wonder if or how she’ll rebel.

  3. Anna Kathryn Lanier

    Salvation, Texas 1873

    The stage, with the answer to Sheriff David Slade’s prayers, arrived in ten minutes. He snapped his watch closed and stuffed the timepiece back into his vest pocket. He wondered again at the idea of marrying a stranger. Other than a couple of letters exchanged in the past four months, what did he really know about Laura Ashton? She asserted to be from the Virginia, though she’d currently lived in Ohio. He hoped she hadn’t lied about that. He couldn’t cotton to marrying a Northern. More important though, would she be a good mother to three-year-old Ginny, who’d never known a mother’s love?




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