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by | November 15, 2016

dreamstimefree-typewriter-rfHearts Through History is pleased to host the second and final Pitchfest of 2016. This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for members of the Hearts Through History RWA chapter to pitch blurbs of up 200 words of unpublished manuscripts to industry professionals.

We welcome editor Chris Keeslar of Boroughs Publishing. Thank you for taking the time to visit Hearts Through History and read our pitches. We hope you will find something you like. Happy Pitch Shopping!



Title: Rejecting the Rogue
Genre: Historical Romance/Victorian
95,000 words

Portman Square, London
June, 1881

“I’ve got you now, you beauty.”
Philomena Sweet tapped the mechanical drawing spread out across the large desk and grinned. She’d found it, the way to defeat the newest —indeed the most magnificent— safe in history. If her calculations were correct, it would take less than thirty seconds.
She would have savored her victory a moment longer, had the explosion down the hall not interrupted her celebration.
To be fair, it was rather mild, as explosions in her house generally went. Even so, it was strong enough to set the chandelier tinkling and slosh the last of her most excellent Darjeeling out of it’s cup.
She whisked the plans away from the spreading tea. Obtaining the drawings for the newest Dreadstone Superior had been terrifically difficult. It wouldn’t do to lose them before she had the specifications committed to memory. One never knew when one would have the opportunity to try a new safe.
Philomena rolled up the large pages and glanced at the overwrought casement clock she’d inherited from her mother’s maiden aunt. The brass cupids on either side of the face stared back reproachfully. Clearly, they had no appreciation for thievery. She sighed. No time to finish her tea in any case.

Title: An Elusive Enemy
Genre/Sub-genre: Historical romance/historical saga
100,000 words

In December 1943 American troops arrive in Northern Ireland to prepare for D-Day. Irish American, Private Mike Keegan, is surprised to be stationed at an army camp, in a sprawling country estate, in the county where his mother, Annie Murphy, grew up. Hearing a tale of a spirit that has haunted a local Murphy family through the generations and finally drove them out of their cottage to America, he realises this is the family secret his mother was hiding.

When he meets Ellen Corrigan, the quiet eldest daughter of a local farmer, he is captivated by her. But his efforts to win her love and trust are frustrated by disturbing incidents that happen whenever they are together. The spirit knows a Murphy has returned to the county and threatens everything Mike cherishes. Fearful for her family’s safety, Ellen refuses to see Mike again.

Mike is determined to gain Ellen’s love. But, to do so, he must stop the malevolent spirit and soon. The spirit is growing stronger and time is ticking ever closer to when Mike will be deployed to the Western Front. Can he win this battle before he goes to fight for his country?

Working Title: The Girl from Kozani
Genre: Romance / Cold War
Word count of manuscript: 45,000

The Girl from Kozani is a romance set in 1960, during the height of the cold war. To financially support her widowed mother and sister, strong-willed Lia travels from civil war-torn Kozani, Greece to take a factory job in post-war West Germany. Soon after her arrival, she is promoted to work directly for the nefarious factory owner in Berlin where she accidentally discovers a grave secret that endangers her life; but a secret that if discovered could bring retribution for thousands of Nazi war victims and their families. While Lia struggles with how exactly to bring a decades-old secret to light, she meets a dashing American diplomat, Joe, and sparks begin to fly. What Lia doesn’t know yet is that Joe has dangerous secrets of his own. She also doesn’t realize that he is the one roping her into dangerous spy games. Just when they begin to fall deeply in love with each other, Lia discovers that Joe isn’t who he says he is.
Will Lia save the day, save her family and find her happily ever after?

Title: Confess, Your Grace
Genre: Historical/Georgian
82,159 words

A legendary investor, the Duke of Westmead does not desire a wife. The last thing he wants is to risk his heart again, or reveal the carefully hidden desires that lurk beneath his self-control. But when a malevolent rival becomes next in line for his title, he must sire an heir – quickly – to protect his estate.

An ambitious spinster nurserywoman, Poppy Cavendish does not sign on to build Westmead a garden because she is looking to fill the position of his bride. Her lifelong dream is to secure her independence by importing exotic colonial plants to England. But to achieve it, she needs to find capital fast.

When scandal threatens Poppy’s reputation and financing, Westmead proposes an unconventional solution: marriage of convenience. She’ll provide an heir, he’ll provide her capital, and emotion need not enter the equation.

But when the two begin to fall in love, Westmead must choose between protecting his secret appetites and giving in to passion. Poppy must decide how much pride and independence she can afford to risk by revealing her true feelings. And when saving their business becomes a matter of life and death, no heart – or secret – is going stay safe for long.

Title: This Is Us
Genre: Historical romance
105,000 words

September 1942
Darr Aero-Tech Flying School, Albany, Georgia

Dressed in men’s flight coveralls and boots, the women crouched behind a clump of bushes on the side of the barracks, waiting for a clear shot to the flight line. Vivian motioned for Zanna to push her curls further up under the aviator helmet.

Sneaking into an Army Air Force pilot school to take up one of the planes was maybe not the best idea. After all, there was a war on. The place was literally teeming with uniformed men.

It wasn’t actually Vivian’s idea. She wasn’t even the pilot. Her friend Zanna needed to log more flying hours, and she wanted company in this escapade. So, here they were.

Three soldiers clad in white undershirts and fatigues loitered outside the rear door of the mess hall.

“Wish they’d move on,” Vivian muttered.

How long could it take to empty out the trash? One pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket and passed it around. A smoke break by the smelly garbage cans? Turning toward Zanna, Vivian pinched her nose and screwed up her face.

Check back for updates to see which pitches caught the eye of the editor.

Good luck to all who participated!


Entries #1 & #3  received requests for FULL manuscripts from Chris Keeslar at Boroughs Publishing. Partials were requested for all the other submissions. Congratulations to all! Here’s hoping for future book deals.




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