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The Wizard of Yester

The Borders of Scotland have always been the inspiration of superstition. The Catholic Church and its successor, the Presbyterian one, never had strong influence there and commanded even less obedience.  These are fertile grounds for tales of necromancers, long...

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The First Book I Wrote

The first book I wrote was actually Kentucky Green.  I know a lot of writers tell about the story they wrote in the first or second grade and how they always wanted to be a writer.  But that’s not me.  I always wanted to be a history teacher and ended up with a couple...

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A Day in Your Life in the Middle Ages

Good morning, medieval peasant! Rise and shine! The sun is rising and it’s time for you to get to work. You roll out of bed, which you share with your spouse, yawn and stretch, and trudge across the room to wake your three children. Your house has just one bedroom...

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Iced Glissoires and Balançoires in St. Petersburg

On a recent trip to a used book store, I came upon a wonderful find in the architecture section. I visit the store periodically to hunt for research books, and because the various employees tend to classify things differently, there are several sections I check,...

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