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They Could be Twins

These two cousins looked exactly alike.  Their mothers were sisters, daughters of Christian IX of Denmark.

Who were they? tsar-nicholas-ii-and-george-v

Now, guess which is which.

Sometimes the families could not tell them apart when they were wearing each other’s uniforms, or in this case, Willy’s Prussian guard outfits.

Storm clouds were gathering on the horizon when this photo was taken.  And I don’t mean rain.

Civil War Trauma

Post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s a timely subject, considering how many young men and women are serving in the military all over the world today. But what of the men who fought during one of the bloodiest conflicts of the time, a war that pitted brother against...

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How Ready Are You?

The horrible earthquake in Japan reminded me of how natural disasters can impact all aspects of life.Here's an article I wrote for our chapter's new letter several years ago, right after one of the large brush/forest fires that routinely hit Souther California.How...

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Entertainment or History Lesson?

I'm currently writing the third book in my spirit trilogy series that is set among the Wallowa Lake Nez Perce. I've enjoyed the research about this band of the Nez Perce tribe, but with this book I have to also take into account the the army that is chasing them from...

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The Indian Wars Cavalry

Doing research for the third book in my spirit trilogy I had to do research on the plains cavalry. This was the mounted army used to curtail Indian uprisings and make sure there was safe passage for the people populating the west. After the Civil War Southern cavalry...

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