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Snippet Saturday – Hooking It

For this week’s Snippet Saturday, give us your best hook.  Is it in the middle of chapter, at the end of a chapter?  On the first page?  No matter where it is your book, post it below in the comments section….and don’t forget to link us to your website.



A Papery Pastime

In one of my current works in progress, the hero has a young daughter who adores paper dolls.A paper doll is such a simple thing, when you think about it. A small, flat piece of paper, cut into the shape of a girl, a young lady or a gentleman, complete with an...

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Romancing the Scone

Is it just me, or have historical romances gone anorexic?Think, when was the last time you reveled in a glorious meal enjoyed by the hero and heroine where the steaming dishes brought to the table reflect the steamy looks exchanged by the two? Is there a ban on food...

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Why We Like Cowboys

Who hasn’t thought about the cowboys of yesteryear driving cattle across the prairie, a lawman riding for justice, a modern rodeo cowboy, or the cattle rancher down the road and sighed. There’s something about a man in boots, denim, and a cowboy hat that makes a...

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Irish Connections

Ireland has always held a special place in my heart. My first novel, In Sunshine or in Shadow, is set in Ireland. I’m married to a man who is half-Irish. And there’s a very special connection between Ireland and my hometown of Montreal, Canada.During the Great Famine...

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