Hearts Through History Romance Writers
Writing Challenge – June
Moderator:Cynthia Owens
Start Date:June 12, 2023
End Date:June 17, 2023

The Hearts Through History writing challenge continues to grow!
The challenges became monthly last May, and they’ve attracted more participants with each succeeding session. To date, we’ve had fourteen participants and have written more than 300,000 words.
This year, there’s been a slight change to the “rules” of the challenge. After a few inquiries about goals, we’ve added a few other categories. In addition to “words written,” we now include “editing/revising,” and “research hours.” But don’t stop there. Your goals are your own, and they can be anything related to writing your story! The choice is yours.

Challenge Group:
Did you know we have an e-mail loop especially for the Writing Challenge? It’s a place for all our participants to meet and get to know one another, talk about our stories and our writing issues, and find writing prompts, inspirational quotes, and informative articles. Join us here.

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