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Neurodivergency and the Creative Process – Feb ’24


Instructor: October K. Santarelli
Class Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Type: Zoom
Start Time: 11:00 AM Eastern
Duration:  apprx. 1 hour
USD Fee:  $10 for HHRW members / $15 for non-members

If you’re neurodivergent, the ‘rules’ of writing may not apply to you. In fact, they might actively be harming your writing habits. Learn how to reframe your writing time to work WITH your ADHD (or ASC) and reclaim the joy of the creative process.

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About the Instructor:

OCTOBER K SANTERELLI is an LGBTQ+, disabled, and neurodivergent author from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is primarily a fantasy author, though he has written science fiction and historic romance as well. His works cross several forms of media, including novels, short stories, and comics. When he is not writing, he is playing with his dogs, reading, or doing his day-time work as an LGBTQ+ sensitivity reader. His work as a sensitivity reader has allowed him to help indie, traditional, and best-selling authors improve their work.

October Santerelli


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