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The Beginning, The Middle and The Twist: Stun Your Readers with the Unexpected – Nov ’23


Instructor: Beth Daniels
Registration Deadline: Nov 10, 2023
Start Date: Nov 6, 2023
End Date: Dec 4, 2023
USD Fee: $15 HHRW Members/$25 Non-Members

What gets a story talked about around the water cooler, over that latte or flavored coffee, over the milk shake or diet drink? For those who watched as well as those who read GAME OF THRONES, it was when George R. R. Martin stunned them by killing off major characters. Let’s face it, major characters are usually fairly safe in a tale because…well, they’re major characters!
But do characters have to die to get a story talked about? Heck no! They can do something that seems so out of character (and yet well within the parameters of that character’s makeup) that the reader stares in shock at the page…and then keeps reading! Isn’t that what you do when the book you’re reading takes a stunning turn for the worst as the number of pages left to read keep shrinking?

Shouldn’t you develop a knack like this to keep readers coming back, to have contracts be offered by publishers? To end up with totally rabid fans who clamber for your next book? Heck, yeah, you should!

In THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE AND THE TWIST, we’ll spend 4 weeks figuring out how to get readers’ jaws to drop, for them to be so amazed and enchanted with the sudden twist in your story that they talk it up around that water cooler, over that latte, Tweet about it, post to Facebook and Goodreads and Instagram…well, get the word out about what a great story you’ve spun!

Bring an idea, an outline, a partial manuscript, a completed draft, what-have-you. This is a work in progress workshop for writers looking for the next step forward and feedback from their peers – you know, other folks in the virtual classroom.

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About the Instructor:

Beth Daniels currently writes standalone historical romantic suspense but also pens urban fantasy/mystery/comedy series as J.B. Dane and is completing a Weird West Steampunk trilogy as Nied Darnell. When she dived into writing sagas that continued past a single title, she felt for a bit like she’d stepped into quicksand. Fortunately, there was solid footing (her 29 previously published standalone books—though she’s up to 37 now) to keep her head above the muck as she worked out what needed to be done a bit differently with a series. Now with her urban fantasy series four books into a six-book set plus numerous prequel novellas running ahead of the novels, and the launch of a paranormal lite romantic mystery comedy set that launched 2021, she’s become a firm believer in tied together title runs. Visit her at www.4TaleTellers.com.

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