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Veteran’s Day

By Anna Kathryn Lanier

I substitute teach during the school year and last year I was at the local high school for Veteran’s Day.  In my school district, we don’t get the day off, but each school holds a Veteran’s Day program.  I was subbing ninth grade English classes that day and I asked each class “Why is Veteran’s Day held on November 11th, as opposed, say, October 21st?”  Now, remember, these kids had been going to programs each year and half the classes had attended THAT day’s program, which gave the answer to this question. Yet, only a few had even an inkling and overall, maybe two students out of a 100 knew the answer.  As it turned out, I subbed for that particular teacher and class several times during the rest of the year and each time I did, I’d ask, “Why is Veteran’s Day held on November 11th?” By the end of the year, most of them could answer the question.  Earlier this year, I subbed for a tenth grade class and, yes, some of those students remembered me and my question.  (more…)